About Medaflo

Medaflo is the leading integrated medical inventory and vendor management solution. Medaflo helps healthcare providers ensure regulatory compliance, improve administrative efficiency, and reduce vendor risks. Medaflo helps medical vendors gain trusted clinic access, optimize product supply, and enhance their sales calls. While Medaflo is free for independent clinics, clinic networks and medical vendors pay to use the platform.

Job Description

We are seeking Independent Sales Representatives to sell our integrated medical inventory and vendor management platform to large clinic networks. You will play a critical role in growing our clinic footprint across the United States. This function is critical to our core business and future revenues.

Compensation is based on revenue generated. As a 1099 partner, no benefits or expenses are provided. However, aggressive commissions are being paid to attract top talent. Earning potential is directly correlated with performance.

Job Responsibilities

Job Requirements

Interested? Please send a cover letter and resume to