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Ensure compliance

Federal and state regulations and accreditation and certification bodies require clinics to maintain a reliable medical product inventory management system. Medaflo automatically generates all required inventory and vendor logs and more, thus ensuring regulatory compliance in your clinic.

Increase efficiency

Stop spending time on maintaining paper logs, manual inventory counts, expired product searches, and coordinating rep appointments. Medaflo automatically keeps track of all medical products and vendors while generating all required logs and thus increases efficiency in your clinic.

Reduce waste and stock-outs

Medical products worth billions expire in clinics every year, requiring costly disposal. Moreover, frequent stock-outs negatively affect the patient experience and outcomes. Medaflo's fully automated inventory management solution reduces waste and stock-outs of medical products in your clinic.

Minimize vendor risks

Vendors in your clinic bring risks of infections, breaches of privacy, security, and confidentiality, along with potentially inadequate knowledge. Medaflo verifies your vendors' product and HIPAA trainings, criminal background checks, and influenza vaccinations, and thus minimizes vendor risks in your clinic.

Medaflo is a web-based application and does not require any software installation. Use Medaflo to manage medical products and vendors in your clinic. Getting started with Medaflo is as easy as 1-2-3:


Enter medical inventory

Sign up for free and enter the inventory of medical products in your clinic. Medical products you can manage with Medaflo include:

  • Drugs and drug samples
  • Medical devices
  • Vaccines

In addition, Medaflo's manual product entry allows you to manage the inventory of virtually any product in your clinic.


Record product dispensals

Use Medaflo to record the dispensal of products to patients with just a few clicks. Medaflo automatically:

  • Updates inventory levels
  • Generates log entries
  • Issues critical inventory alerts

With just a few clicks your entire inventory management is taken care of and you are in compliance with all federal and state regulations.


Manage vendors

Use Medaflo to manage your medical vendors, including:

  • Verify vendor credentials
  • Let vendors manage your inventory
  • Schedule rep visits and lunches
  • Access and export vendor logs

Delegating certain inventory management tasks to vendors frees you up to focus on patient care.

If you would like to see how Medaflo works in detail, then please sign up for free, explore the support center, or request a demo.

Medaflo offers three plans for healthcare providers: Basic, Premium, and Enterprise. The following table provides an overview of the three plans:

Manage your medical products
Maintain perpetual product inventory
Manage multiple product closets
Record dispensals to patients
Get critical inventory alerts
Export product inventories and logs
Manage your medical vendors
View vendors' credentials and contact information
Give vendors access to your product inventory
Schedule rep visits and lunches
Share meal preferences with vendors
Export vendor logs
Manage your clinic(s)
Number of authorized clinic users1UnlimitedUnlimited
Implement advanced access control policies
Integrate with your EMR/EHR system
Access and share data across clinics
Obtain security risk assessment and SLA
Receive staff training and dedicated tech support
Recommended forSmall clinicLarge clinicClinic network
PriceFree$249.99 per monthUpon request

Please contact us if you have any questions about the plans or just sign up for free to get started.

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