Medaflo for Medical Vendors


Gain trusted clinic access

Medaflo verifies your product and HIPAA training, criminal background check, and influenza vaccination. This reduces vendor risks for clinics, such as risks of infections, breaches of privacy, security, and confidentiality. By using Medaflo, you gain trusted clinic access.

Optimize product supply

Prevent unnecessary waste of expired products as well as avoidable stock-outs, which negatively affect patients, clinics, and the environment. Medaflo provides you with access to real-time product inventory information along with critical inventory alerts, so that you can focus on optimizing your product supply.

Leverage in-clinic time

Stop wasting time in clinics with paper logs, manual inventory counts, and expired product searches. Medaflo automatically tracks your products and generates all required clinic logs, thus allowing you to leverage your in-clinic time for higher value activities.

Enhance sales calls

Book visits and lunches directly through Medaflo. Leverage information about your product inventory, the clinic, and its staff to make the most out of the limited time with healthcare providers. Join hundreds of other medical vendors to find how you can use Medaflo to enhance your sales calls.

Medaflo is a web-based application and does not require any software installation. Use Medaflo to verify your credentials and gain clinic access. Getting started with Medaflo is as easy as 1-2-3:


Enroll in membership plan

Sign up, verify your work email address, and enroll in one of the following membership plans (see below for more details):

  • Basic Access
  • Premium Access
  • Platinum Access

After enrolling in a membership plan, you should upload your credentials.


Upload credentials

Upload your credentials for verification. This includes documentation of completed:

  • Product training
  • HIPAA training
  • Criminal background check
  • Influenza vaccination

After your credentials have been verified, you should subscribe to clinics.


Subscribe to clinics

Subscribe to clinics and obtain the benefits of Medaflo (see below for more details):

  • Vendor credentialing
  • Inventory insights
  • Sales enhancements

This will allow you to gain trusted clinic access, optimize your product supply, leverage your in-clinic time, and enhance your sales calls.

If you would like to see how Medaflo works in detail, then please sign up, explore the support center, or request a demo.

Medaflo offers three membership plans for medical vendors: Basic Access, Premium Access, and Platinum Access. The following table provides an overview of the three plans:

Basic AccessPremium AccessPlatinum Access
Vendor credentialing
Access unlimited clinics
Provide verified credentials to clinics
Share contact and product information with clinics
Obtain priority credential verification within 24 hours
Inventory insights
Manage product inventory at your clinics
Analyze product turnover at your clinics
View logs of your clinic and inventory activity
Get critical inventory alerts from clinics
Sales enhancements
View clinic staff information and meal preferences
Receive requests for patient education materials from clinics
Get early access to new features
Schedule visits and lunches with clinicsUp to 1 month
in advance
Up to 6 months
in advance
Up to 12 months
in advance
Price$59.99 per month$79.99 per month$99.99 per month

You can enroll in a membership plan after you've signed up for Medaflo. Please contact us if you have any questions about the membership plans.

Note: Your membership plan renews automatically every month. It can be canceled anytime with immediate effect. Medaflo does not share any revenue, profits, proceeds, dividends or any other compensation with clinics or any other healthcare providers, thus resulting in zero opportunity for anti-kick back violations. Please review our formal "no revenue sharing with healthcare providers" affidavit for further information.